When One Door Closes, Another Opens.


Clayton Pizzeria “Pizzino” Closing Saturday

With an average yelp score of 4.5/5, I am surprised to see it go. According to the owner, business was just not doing as well as it needed to be. Pizzino posted the following on their Facebook page Sunday morning:Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 2.26.56 PM

Many loyal customers left heartfelt comments about how sad they were to see it go. Jim Zimmerman was quoted saying, “While we have not been able to hit the revenue targets needed to continue operations we felt good pursuing this dream and we hope you enjoyed your dining experiences at Pizzino.”

Although I am sad to see it go, I hope that something else can take its spot!

Many who frequent Clayton can probably think of a few other businesses that met the same fate. What are some Clayton restaurants that you miss? Leave a comment below!