St. Louis Strong Community Roundtable in Clayton: Thursday, October 6, 6-8PM


What is Saint Louis Strong?

Saint Louis Strong is an aspiring 501(c)(4) social welfare nonprofit group advocating for unification of St. Louis City into St. Louis County. Through inclusive and nonpartisan means St. Louis Strong seeks to build an diverse grassroots movement to mount support for its efforts. While other nonprofits do examine this issue, their 501(c)(3) status limits them from political activity. We seek to partner with these informative groups and collaborate with various stakeholders in the region. At the end of the buck stops with each resident. Let’s make sure we’re building strong future for St. Louis by working together today.

From the Facebook event.

After Better Together’s series of reports, the Ferguson Commission report, the Police Executive Research report, and the Department of Justice report, it is time for citizens to take the facts into their own hands. Join us at our third roundtable as we review how fragmentation affects you the individual. Together we’ll brainstorm on how to use our region’s resources more effectively.

Our goal is to amplify the voice of the average resident and to connect neighbors under a shared desire for meaningful and effective policy change.

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